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Dec 11

From the President:
Partnership Means Multidisciplinary Treatment


Many children we serve need additional services outside of behavioral health.  Prior to opening 10 years ago, we heard from parents who expressed how difficult it was to have to go to different offices for the services their children needed, and also how frustrating it was when different professionals did not collaborate on treatment.  To address these important concerns, we developed a close partnership with The Center for Childhood Development (CCD) from day one.  CCD is the premier provider of occupational therapy and speech language therapy services in West Michigan.

We recognized that in order to have an effective partnership, we would need to be in close proximity to one another.  DE and CCD share office and treatment space at our Jenison and Holland clinics.  This allows us to truly collaborate and work together to coordinate treatment in the best interest of each child. We don’t have to send an occasional letter or make a call – we work side by side each other and talk about kids’ treatment as part of our daily work. Parents don’t have to drive to three different offices and can coordinate appointments easily. Our partnership with CCD is highly convenient for parents, easier on children, and results in more effective treatment.

Our partnership with CCD has grown year after year because they share our passion for helping children and families; They are the best at what they do, and they are committed to providing the best services in West Michigan.  Our partnership has helped both organizations to do what we do better, and for 10 years we have seen so many children benefit from our close collaboration.

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