Elisabeth Dahl

Licensed Psychologist


P: 616-244-2246


I think It's important to “practice what you preach,” and try to live a healthy lifestyle – physically, mentally, emotionally – including kickboxing, strength training, yoga, mindfulness, plyometrics, running, and more…but I still believe strongly in a good pizza and movie night (who doesn’t!)

I have a long history and love of writing and editing (I've done these in different types of paid work as well, including grant-writing for nonprofits)

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. ...Maybe it's imperative that we encounter the defeats - but we are much stronger than we appear to be and maybe much better than we allow ourselves to be.” - Maya Angelou


I’ve had a passion for working with children since I was a child myself. My work in psychology did not take that direct a path, though – I initially counseled adults (court-ordered and self-referred) and worked with incarcerated adolescents – but I ultimately could not find the same passion in any other work as I found when I was helping a child reach their potential. I have a passion for helping your child live their best life, and I know you have that same passion to see your child succeed. I’m glad I found DE, a place where I can create a home-away-from-home for you and your child to work on whatever challenges life has provided. We have only a short time to work together – appointments are normally only 45 minutes once per week – but if we all commit to work toward the same goals inside and outside of sessions, we can see big changes over time. I take very seriously the work we are going to do together, but I think we can still have some fun getting there. I might spend some time assessing your child, or maybe we will work in therapy sessions toward longer-term goals. However I might meet you and get to know you, I am appreciative you have allowed me into your life to get to know you, and look forward to working as hard as you do to reach whatever goals we set.


Calvin College, Honors Degree, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minor in Sociology

Alliant International University (formerly California School of Professional Psychology), Doctor of Psychology in Clinical/Forensic Psychology, emphasis on clinical work with children


My journey in psychology started by working with court-ordered adults and incarcerated adolescents, and has now led me to DE. In my early career experiences, I realized that many of the adults and adolescents I saw had a lot of pain in their lives from a very young age. Most struggled to find hope for a different way. Working with young children provides an opportunity to instill new skills and habits before this hope fades. I worked with children in an office-based setting (many court-referred through divorce proceedings) before working with children in their milieu (that means I was wherever they were) doing behavior-based therapy, parent-training, and in-school support. I came back to office-based work when I joined DE in 2014. I specialize in working with children up to 12 years of age across a variety of diagnoses and behavior issues.