Angela Welch

Licensed Professional Counselor



I was born and raised in Indiana but have lived in five states.

I am terrified of heights.

I love Halloween and build my own display.

"Misbehavior is the expression of an unmet need. ​If a child needs nurture and I give him structure, I harm his ability to trust me. If a child needs structure and I give him nurture, I harm his ability to grow. Nurture and structure must be used hand in hand.” ― Karyn Purvis, The Connected Parent: Real-Life Strategies for Building Trust and Attachment



The University of Akron, Master of Art in Educational Guidance and Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling


Purdue University, Bachelor of Art in Psychology



My career as a licensed professional counselor has always focused on children and families. I have served a variety of populations and discovered a particular passion for family preservation, foster care and adoption that later lead me to early childhood and infant mental health. When families come to me with concerns about a child’s behavior and well-being, my priority is to partner with all family members to understand the “why” and develop strategies that empower both the child and caregivers to achieve their goals. I strongly believe that children grow and thrive through healthy, secure relationships and enjoy working with clients of all ages and family structures, including single parents, same-sex parents, and kinship families. Areas in which I specialize are attachment, grief and loss, anxiety and trauma. My approach to therapy is to treat the family system with strength-based and trauma-informed interventions.  I often incorporate play, psychoeducation, and strategies from Trust-based Relational Intervention.