Developmental & Mental Health


DE provides a wide array of behavioral health services for children and adolescents who may be experiencing developmental, behavioral or emotional difficulties. Our psychologists and social workers specialize in working with children, and have extensive training and a high level of expertise in both assessment and treatment. Our services are well-founded in an in-depth knowledge of how children develop and grow over time.

Specialized Services

DE’s professional staff is specially trained and highly experience in evaluating and treating children and adolescents with all types of challenges. Our partnership with The Center for Childhood Development, which provides services in occupational and speech language therapy, allows us to provide multidisciplinary assessment and treatment in one location.

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Developmental differences or delays
  • Emotional and behavioral concerns
  • Attachment and adoption-related issues
  • Trauma and grief/loss
  • Adjustment difficulties related to school, social or family issues
  • Under-performance in school
  • Challenges associated with genetic, neurological, or medical disorders

Psychological Assessment

Often, the first step to providing effective treatment is gaining a comprehensive understanding of the child and the challenges they are experiencing. Our highly-experienced psychologists conduct thorough evaluations with the goal of providing accurate diagnoses, as well as gaining a real understanding of “the whole child.”

While an accurate diagnosis is critical to effective treatment, having an understanding of a child’s development, strengths and weaknesses, personality, and abilities, as well as emotional, behavioral and social functioning allow for treatment to be tailored specifically for that child. This approach to psychological assessment is consistent with DE’s belief that each child is unique and that a diagnosis clarifies challenges but does not define the child. Although DE’s specialty is children and adolescents, we also provide comprehensive assessments for adults.

Common assessments conducted by our psychologists include:

  • Comprehensive neurodevelopmental evaluations
  • Specialized evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Gifted and Talented children
  • Intellectual and academic testing
  • Functional behavioral assessments
  • Mental health evaluations
  • Developmental screenings (ages 0 to 6)
  • Independent Educational Evaluations

Psychological Treatment

DE’s approach to psychological treatment differs from many behavioral health organizations. Our many treatment options are based on our “whole child” philosophy. While our expert psychologists and social workers work to gain a full understanding of the challenges a child or adolescent may face, they work just as hard to understand the child himself or herself. Our therapists are trained to understand and tailor treatment based on a child’s unique development, history, strengths and weaknesses, personality, and abilities. Our treatment approaches are positive and proactive with an emphasis on teaching and promoting optimal development, as well as addressing challenges the child may face. While we firmly believe in addressing areas of weakness, we are committed to helping children and adolescents learn to use their strengths. We also believe that parents should be fully aware of their child’s treatment and progress, and to be involved as necessary and desired.

While DE’s therapists use a wide variety of treatment approaches and strategies, all of these are specifically tailored to the individual. Children are not mini-adults and require specialized approaches to help them change and grow. Play can often be a very important part of treatment, as children use play to reveal what is going on and to work through issues in a manner that feels safe to them. Play therapy encourages a relationship between the clinician and child to occur on the child’s terms, and in a way that honors their unique development. We focus on building trusting relationships that foster playfulness, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy.

At times, It can also be important for children and adolescents to have interaction with other children during treatment, particularly for those with significant social issues. Finally, both children and adolescents can have more of a need to move their bodies to help them regulate while they work on issues. DE addresses this by providing shared treatment spaces in addition to our private offices. Shared treatment spaces include a large gym, sensory rooms, and large play rooms. These child-focused approaches not only make treatment more effective but help children to really enjoy coming to therapy. While DE’s specialty is children and adolescents, many of our therapists also provide treatment for adults.

Our specialized treatments include:

  • Individual, family, and group therapies addressing developmental, emotional and behavioral concerns
  • Early intervention
  • Child-centered play therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapies
  • Trauma-focused therapy
  • Emotional regulation training
  • Parent consultation
  • Collaboration with schools and physicians