Psychological Evaluations & Testing

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When your child faces challenges that are hard to understand, whether it’s in learning, behavior, or development, it can leave you as a parent filled with questions. You see signs-maybe struggles at school, difficulties with attention, or social interaction challenges-but you lack the clear answers needed to help them effectively. This uncertainty can make you feel stuck, unsure of how to best support your child’s unique needs. 

The team at DE Behavioral Health has helped thousands of families across West Michigan find the answers they need. Our specialists help evaluate and diagnose concerns like ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and learning disabilities. We take pride in not only providing thorough assessments but also in ensuring that you fully understand the results and the next steps. You’ll walk away from our office with an accessible explanation of the findings and practical treatment recommendations We’ll answer your questions with empathy and expertise, knowing the right partner at this stage can transform a difficult experience into the beginning of positive change.

What you can Expect

Often, the first step to providing effective treatment is gaining a comprehensive understanding of the child and the challenges they are experiencing. Our highly experienced psychologists conduct thorough evaluations with the goal of providing accurate diagnoses, as well as gaining a real understanding of “the whole child.” 

While an accurate diagnosis is critical to effective treatment having an understanding of a child’s development, strengths and weaknesses, personality, and abilities, as well as emotional, behavioral, and social functioning allow for treatment to be tailored specifically for that child. This approach to psychological assessment is consistent with DE’s belief that each child is unique and that a diagnosis clarifies challenges but does not define the child. Although DE’s specialty is children and adolescents, we also provide comprehensive assessments for adults. 

Common assessments conducted by our psychologists include:

  • Specialized evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Gifted and Talented children 
  • Comprehensive neurodevelopmental and psychological evaluations
  • Intellectual and academic testing for learning concerns
  • Functional behavioral assessments 
  • Mental health evaluations 
  • Independent Educational Evaluations

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