ABA Therapy

ABA is considered the gold standard for
the treatment of children with autism.

When your child’s autism diagnosis manifests in behavioral concerns, life seems to be a never- ending struggle. 

Everyday outings feel like insurmountable hurdles, simple “no”s become drag-out battles, and breaks in routine threaten everyone’s peace of mind. When you seek out help it’s more of the same frustrations-long waits, insurance barriers, and services that don’t account for your child’s unique needs. You push through the best you can, but those kinds of challenges are hard to see beyond. They’re overwhelming and make it difficult to envision a better future for you and your child. 

The team of specialists at DE Behavioral Health is here to put hope back on the horizon. 

We partner with families to provide compassionate, evidence-based treatment that empowers children with autism to unlock their full potential. Whether your child is facing communication barriers, social skills difficulties, or behavioral challenges, our doors are open to provide expert care and support. 

We’re not about just treating symptoms; we embrace the whole family-your child’s development, strengths, and even their quirks, plus the goals your family has for daily life. Whatever your experience has been so far, we commit to an approach that’s positive and proactive. Together we’ll foster your child’s strengths while addressing their challenges.

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one of the major specialized treatments DE offers to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). An evidence-based treatment with decades of research showing its effectiveness, ABA therapy applies the principles of learning to teach new skills and reduce the symptoms associated with ASD.

As a therapeutic approach, ABA aims to increase a child’s ability to learn from their environment, build relationships, and increase independence in communication, social, and daily living skills. Far from a one-size-fits-all package, a high-quality ABA treatment plan encompasses these skills while truly focusing on the individual and unique needs of the child.

Ready to see the difference
the DE approach can make?

We invite you to partner with us and envision a new path forward for your family.