Acacia Ritsema

Billing Assistant


P: 616.499.2218 ex. 216


I play a purple electric violin named Lola.

I like to collect things made out of acacia wood.

I own a record player and have a growing record collection.

"Work as if it was your first day, forgive as soon as possible, love without boundaries, laugh without control and never stop smiling."


I love playing sports and being competitive, especially in soccer, volleyball, and basketball.  I also play the violin and give violin lessons.  I am currently in a small band called Still Life.  I love being around kids, especially my niece and two nephews.  My husband and I love camping up north.


Hope College, Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science



I think my previous three positions have led me to DE.  I was an office assistant, a resident advocate working with kids with autism, and an assistant preschool teacher.  As an administrative assistant, I get to work in the office surrounded with kids!  DE’s passion for helping children reach their full potential through a quality developmental perspective is what attracted me to this position.