Andrew Crisco

Licensed Psychologist


P: 616-604-8492


I love skiing

I am a huge sci-fi fan

I have a passion for Lego and spend a lot of free time building Legos with my son

“I think it is impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them in the way they love themselves” – Orson Scott Card


I’ve been working with children with ASD since 2006 and spent 11 years doing in-home behavioral therapy (in-home ABA) before going on my doctoral internship at a regional hospital where I conducted both therapy and evaluations. Prior to this, I worked with children as a camp counselor and a ‘manny’, throughout college. I entered the field because I thoroughly enjoyed working with children and adolescents. Prior to joining Developmental Enhancement Behavioral Health (DEBH), I worked at an inpatient and outpatient behavioral health hospital for about 5 years. The majority of the time I was working with children and adolescents with OCD/anxiety in an intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization setting. I also spent time supervising therapists for an adult residential OCD/anxiety program. I specialize in ASD, OCD, and anxiety disorder and am ERP (exposure response prevention) trained and practiced. I moved to Michigan from Wisconsin to be closer to family and gravitated toward it because of the quality of care they provide, involvement with the community, and positive/welcoming and professional atmosphere. I look forward to working with, serving, and helping families in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas and have been very pleased with my experience so far. I am open to working with individuals of all ages, especially in my areas of expertise.