Heather Kasza

Operations Manager


P: 616-499-2218 ex. 240


I was 30 years old when i broke my first bone.

Every car I’ve owned has been a Subaru.

I got engaged on the field at Spartan Stadium in 2017.

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg


My husband and I became parents in the fall of 2021; so we spend majoirty of our time watching our daughter grow and taking turns catching up on sleep. The remainder of my free time is spent traveling to visit friends and family. Some of my favorite hobbies are camping, kayaking, tailgating, binge-watching TV shows, and reading a good book in my hammock. I also spend too much of my time being a sports fanatic – specifically (and only) for the Spartans. I am a proud aunt of ten amazing kids and pride myself in being the “fun aunt” in any opportunity I get!


Michigan State University,



During my time at DE I have fulfilled four different roles that all are related to administrative support. Our managerial team works hard to allow our clinicians to spend their time focusing on the important aspects of our services – making progress with our clients and their families. Knowing that we serve amazing families makes the hard work that much more rewarding.