Jeremy Walker

Director of ABA Services


P: 616-604-8492


I have never broken a bone

I lived in 8 different homes in the same city over a period of 15 years.

I was on the debate team in high school.

“The path to a joyous lifestyle for families with autistic persons is paved with skills.” – Dr. Greg Hanley


The best part of my job is working directly with our clients and technicians. There’s a certain professional humility in rolling up my sleeves and “jumping in” to help solve problems, model procedures, and even try to get some good laughs. The paradoxical aspect of our work is that the kids end up teaching us – they show us the way. While I am intently conceptual in applying behavioral principles in my work, I firmly believe that we should be guided by the child and informed by the science. I see this every day, and it’s wildly inspiring.

I live in Grandville with my wife, Amanda, and our daughter, Sophie.


Aquinas College, Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Biology


Western Michigan University, Master of Arts in Psychology - Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management



I joined DE in 2014 after graduating from WMU. I had the wonderful opportunity during my first year to partner with a community mental health agency to develop ABA services in Mason, Lake, and Oceana Counties. Thereafter, much of my work was focused on supervision and training within our early intervention program, though I was always drawn to working with children who exhibit challenging behavior. My interest and skillset in problem behavior grew over the years, and in 2020 we started the Comprehensive Behavior Program under my leadership as Clinical Supervisor. I am thrilled to continue advancing DE’s mission to help ALL children by providing the highest-quality assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior.