Trevor Essique

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


P: 616-604-8492


Vulpix is my favorite Pokemon

I never wear boring socks to work

I don't like chocolate

“Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something” Jake from Adventure Time


Are you concerned with your child’s behavior? Does he/she seem particularly irritable, worried or sad? You are taking a great first step by searching for a quality therapist to help you navigate this difficult process. I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with experience working with children/adolescents with various behavioral difficulties and emotional challenges. I graduated from the Adler School of Professional Psychology, located in Chicago, Illinois, in 2016. I have had the pleasure of working with children on the autism spectrum, as well as children with ADHD, oppositional behavior, anxiety and depression. I also can help families learn the strategies they need to maintain a healthy and balanced home life.

Through utilizing behavioral techniques, play therapy and an interpersonal approach to treatment, let’s work together to help your child. I always use your child’s strengths and interests (video games, movies, card games, sports, etc.) to develop therapeutic interventions that are both engaging and effective. In addition to my therapeutic services, I also offer psychological testing to help provide insight into an individual’s social/emotional or academic struggles. I am an avid reader, board game collector and a self-proclaimed super nerd. On weekends, my partner and I enjoy playing card/board games, catching Pokémon together, or taking our dogs out for a walk. We also enjoy watching television/movies, cooking, and visiting our families on the east side of Michigan.


Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology


The Adler School of Professional Psychology, Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology



With experience in a variety of mental health settings, I have provided individual, group and family therapy to clients with various emotional and behavioral concerns (including anxiety, depression, anger, social deficits related to autism spectrum disorder, defiance/conduct issues). I also strive to create a sensitive and affirming space for individual’s who are experiencing difficulty related to their sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or other LGBTQ issues.  I have provided services in a hospital setting, outpatient clinic, and I worked for three years in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools.