You have questions, we have answers! Please see below for clarity on a few commonly asked questions. We also have resources for Spanish-speaking individuals. If you need more info, please do not hesitate to contact us! .

General Questions

Do you have any treatment groups available for my child?

DE offers both ongoing and short-term treatment groups addressing a wide variety of social/emotional issues.  To find out about current and upcoming treatment groups, please call the receptionist at either our Jenison or Holland clinics.

How often will my child come for therapy?

The frequency of therapy is based on each child’s individual needs. Your child’s intensity of therapy, including hours and frequency, will be discussed with you by the psychologist, social worker or Board Certified Behavior Analyst that will be working with your child.

How long is the waitlist?

We strive to provide services as promptly as possible.  Whether or not we have a waitlist can depend on a number of variables including the needs of the child, availability of staff, type of service, location, time of year, and the number of recent referrals.  If we do have a waitlist for the service you are seeking, we will give you an estimate of how long it is likely to be until we can schedule.  We will try to keep you updated and welcome you to check-in with us as often as you like regarding the waitlist. Please keep in mind that this estimate is not a guarantee.

What are some of the focused areas that our clinicians specialize in?

Neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and ADHD, developmental differences or delays, emotional and behavioral concerns, attachment and adoption-related issues, PTSD, trauma and grief/loss, adjustment difficulties related to school, social or family issues, under performance in school, as well as challenges associated with genetic, neurological or medical disorders.

How much do services cost?

The cost of services is based on an hourly basis and vary by the type and intensity/frequency of treatment. The cost to you depends on what your insurance company covers, as well as what your copay and coinsurance may be. Our receptionists will assist you in figuring out what your cost is likely to be. It is always recommended to verify coverage, deductibles and plan maximums with your insurance before scheduling any services.

Do we prescribe medicine?

No, but we will collaborate with physicians who do prescribe medications.

What types of testing do we provide?

We provide testing to determine diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mood disorders, gifted/talented abilities, learning disorders and more depending on the needs of the patient.

What type of insurance do we take?

We work with most insurance companies, including Traditional and PPO Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Care Network, MESSA, Priority Health, Aetna, ASR, Allied, McLaren, and Cofinity, among select others. For ABA services, we also accept Medicaid through your local county Community Mental Health. If your insurance is not listed, please ask a receptionist to help determine if your insurance covers services. Some plans may not cover all services, and it is highly recommended that you call to verify your coverage.